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Please let me know if you need advice about which Latin or Greek
courses to take. We offer elementary, intermediate, and advanced
courses in both languages every semester.

There are courses about the ancient world offered across our campus!
Many serve our major and minors. Let’s meet to talk about the best options for you.

Study Abroad in Greece or Italy

I highly encourage all undergraduate students to investigate the possibility of spending
a semester abroad. This will be the most expensive semester of your college career,
but it will also be the most engaging and thrilling.  Please find below a chart that
summarizes the various study abroad programs in Greece and Italy that might be of
interest to Truman Classics majors.  I would be pleased to discuss these programs with
you at greater length!

Study Abroad Programs Compared 2012


Streamlined Degree Completion

Earning an undergraduate degree in Classics is not easy: it requires advanced
proficiency in at least one ancient language (Greek or Latin), familiarity with
ancient literature and culture, as well as independent research in the discipline.

And yet we (the Classics faculty) recognize that these days not everyone has
four full years to devote to one academic major.  Accordingly, we have developed
intentional pathways for prospective Classics majors to complete the major
in less than four years.

It turns out that even if you start studying Latin and/or ancient Greek at Truman,
you can still earn a BA in Classics in three years.  On the other hand, if you come
to Truman with intermediate proficiency in either Latin or ancient Greek, you can
earn a BA in Classics in two years.  That’s great news for transfer students or
students who want to pursue two majors.

For more information, please make an appointment with your academic advisor;
in the meantime you may also want to peruse these guidelines:
Classics major in two or three years

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